July 12, 2018

We are all STARS.

Over the years, STARS had grown from one helicopter to an entire fleet. During the same period, their website hadn’t kept pace — it needed a serious overhaul. Managing content had become a cumbersome process. And the site wasn’t meeting the needs of patients, staff or donors. To address these concerns, WAX leveraged its recent brand refresh for STARS and developed a plan to transform the site into an intuitive tool.


The redesigned site serves up content to users that’s location-specific to their province (STARS operates across all three Prairie Provinces). It also invites users to explore; offering an immersive storytelling experience that blends parallax scroll with vivid imagery. In addition to the site’s story feature, the navigation is user-friendly and there’s an added section for STARS VIP’s (patients) to share their own stories. The STARS site is now accessible to everyone. Much like their rescue services.

Experience the brand new