February 3, 2014

Waste not want not

Newalta site

When it comes to international accolades our friends at Newalta certainly won’t be left wanting this year. For their outstanding work in the clean tech sector Newalta is being honored with a “Best Recycling & Waste Management Solutions” award from London based magazine – The New Economy. In addition, the magazine is also featuring an in-depth article on Newalta’s innovative approach to handling industrial by-products. As CEO Alan Cadotte says: “From day one, we have been focused on finding smart, practical ways to recover value from what would otherwise be considered waste.” But extracted value is just one part of the waste management picture. Newalta’s real achievement is reduction, allowing companies to effectively minimize their environmental footprint. In a time when big industry is looking to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible this is a very, very good thing.

From everyone at WAX, congratulations on the much deserved win.