October 31, 2013

Shock Value

In the words of the iconic Vincent Price, maestro of the macabre, “it’s as much fun to scare as it is to be scared”. Working in advertising we’re routinely subjected to the most bloodcurdling scenarios – usually in the form of unholy deadlines and merciless clients with an itch for killing creative. So in an effort to exorcise some demons we decided to flip the script and put the fear into others for a change. Launched back in August, our guerilla campaign for the Calgary Horror Con included gruesomely good executions including zombie tear-off-head flyers, blood spattered bathroom signs and sinister storm drain ads. It’s all a bloody good time we say, and thankfully our industry peers agree. We’re more excited than a serial killer at a slumber party over our recent call out by Marketing Magazine. Praise and recognition makes it all worth it. Well that and the fact that the creative department has finally found a way to express their deranged fantasies that doesn’t result in tranquilizers and 24hr observation.

Check out the work in all its gory glory.