December 17, 2018

WAX sends out fake holiday cheer.

Everyone wants an Instagram-worthy holiday season, but let’s be real, who has the time? Nobody, that’s who. That’s why this holiday season, we sent our clients and friends the solution—a package of picture-perfect holiday photos they could pass off as their own.

Whether it was a freshly baked batch of cookies straight out of the oven, a painstakingly difficult turkey dinner or a impossibly beautiful home-made wreath, we helped people fake their way to a perfect-looking holiday season—even though they were actually running around, trying to find a last minute gift at the gas station on Christmas Eve.

All people had to do was post the image to their own social media accounts. We even provided the sweet, vomit-inducingly perfect caption for each photo. Check it out and celebrate your own fake holidays. Season’s Greetings from your friends in busy holiday times at WAX.