November 13, 2017

The Prodigal Jay Returns.

After just over a year away, Jay Kilby has returned to WAX as group account director. Where was Jay for the past year? Well, he was in Spain eating tapas, dancing flamenco, and sipping the finest Spanish wines (we’re not jealous at all, we swear…)

We’re pumped Jay has decided to leave the Spanish lifestyle behind to come back to WAX. During his previous stint with WAX, Jay did a bang-up job leading accounts including Servus Credit Union, Credit Unions of Canada and Newalta.

This time around, Jay will be back leading the Servus Credit Union account, along with STARS Air Ambulance, Mitchell Eye Centre and WURST. Jay brings with him a wealth of experience, with over 17 years working at some of Canada’s top agencies, on brands ranging from GM, Pepsi, RBC, Gillette and Mars confectionary.

We’re excited to have Jay back on the WAX team and hope to hear more of his Spain stories after we get a couple of pints in him.

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