April 12, 2013

Red Rover, Red Rover, London calls Monique over


The time has come for our head of design, the lovely Monique Gamache, to fly overseas and help judge D&AD. What? Did we say D&AD, the most prestigious award show on the planet? Yes, we sure did. Of course, this tends to bring out plenty of oohs and ahs. And quite rightfully so, as an extensively awarded designer it is very fitting that Monique be solicited to lend her critical eye to the D&AD award judges circle. We can’t say we’re entirely surprised, for someone this talented they probably offered to send a private jet. Yes, soon Monique can sit back with a nice glass of wine; a smile dancing across her lips as she proudly checks this one off her bucket list and relishes in her life successes. But poor Monique, how will she ever top this?