December 20, 2017


In the West, naughty kids have it easy. Their only fear is waking up to a lump of coal on Christmas morning. And although that might feel like the worst scenario they could possibly suffer, it may as well be a trip to Disneyland compared to a visit from Krampus – the Christmas demon of German lore. Think of Krampus as Santa’s evil twin – he tracks down all the misbehavers, flogs them mercilessly with sticks, tosses them in a sack, and drags them to the underworld where he tortures them for all eternity.

Now if that doesn’t perfectly sum up the spirit of Christmas, we don’t what does. Partnering with our oh-so-irreverent friends at Wurst, and using Krampus as our inspiration, we created a cheeky holiday campaign that encourages everyone to get out and embrace their naughty side. From posters, to social posts, to Instagram and Tinder initiatives, all of our creative was crafted to look like it was coming from the maestro of misbehaviour himself. And for good measure we even had him come out for live appearances at Wurst.

If there’s one thing Krampus proves, its that Christmas is a lot more fun when you’re being naughty instead of nice. Check out the campaign below.