We’re here to help you through the holidays

Dec 22, 11 // Uncategorized

Nothing says ”˜holidays’ quite like booze-filled beverages. So in honour of the season, WAX created WAX DRINKS, our ultimate guide to the perfect cocktails. We sent it out to all of our wonderful clients yesterday and so far it’s … Read More

What do you find at a film festival? Movies

Dec 02, 11 // Uncategorized

Our recent campaign for the Calgary International Film Festival has been showcased not twice, not thrice, but frice (look it up–it’s not a word). Communication Arts Exhibit Online is currently featuring the full campaign, which is a pretty big … Read More

Stroking Our Egotist

Sep 16, 11 // Uncategorized

The Alberta Egotist featured not one, not two, but count ’em, three stories on WAX this past week. We’re flattered by all the attention – who knew pandas could blush? If you haven’t checked out the eyes and ears … Read More

Don’t call us city folk for ten days

Jul 06, 11 // Uncategorized

WAX is gettin’ in the Stampede spirit. We’re paintin’ our windows, doin’ some bull ridin’, enjoyin’ some beverages, eatin’ massive corndogs, dustin’ off our cowboy boots and frivolously using apostrophes in place of all g’s.

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Hot Dog swap

Aug 25, 10 // Uncategorized

Last Wednesday our production group decided it would be super fun to deny their fellow employees the freedom to eat whatever they want. Lists of hot dog condiments were placed in a hat and everyone chose their gastronomical fate. … Read More

Happy Birthday WAX

Jun 01, 10 // Uncategorized

We’re five years old today, and feel that we are quite developed for a five-year-old. Most of us know how to feed ourselves, dress ourselves and even read the newspaper.

So, what’s the secret to our success? We … Read More

Aren’t They Adorable?

Mar 02, 10 // Uncategorized

Since spring is known as the season of new beginnings, we decided to incorporate some baby vegetables into the Calgary Farmers’ Market spring campaign. Yes, we know they’re cute, but please keep your voices down; they need their sleep.

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Forget Golden Pencil, we want a Grammy

Jan 15, 10 // Uncategorized

We aren’t really known for our individual musical talents over here at WAX, but when we combine forces, watch out. The other day we started an agency wide band without the use of any instruments. Some of us stomped our … Read More

WAX feeds the Calgary Drop-in Centre

Nov 09, 09 // Uncategorized

We helped hundreds of very grateful people going through some tough times, and we also did some jobs that ad agencies don’t normally do.

Some of us put on plastic gloves, reached into giant tubs of butter … Read More