Cluck. Cluck. Bah.

Mar 28, 13 // Uncategorized

Another WAX Wednesday has come and gone, this time leaving a trail of decorated eggs in its path. The competition for most creative egg was stiff as each WAXer put their unique ideas and crafty skills … Read More

They aren’t zombies, they’re Decomposers

Mar 07, 13 // Uncategorized

It launched with some edgy well-placed posters and print ads created by WAX – then overnight it blossomed into a stunt and hit the news. The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) resurrected the dead in a successful public relations move … Read More


Feb 05, 13 // Uncategorized

We pride ourselves in being the most fashionable advertising and design agency this side of post-fannypack Europe. So, like any sartorial genius, we threw out the rule book and threw on a few pairs of sweatpants. Dan may have … Read More

Deck the windows with paintings of reindeer, fa la la la la la la la la

Dec 14, 12 // Uncategorized

While none of us have gotten around to doing our Christmas shopping yet, we have gotten into the holiday spirit by having the WAX windows painted with twelve tiny reindeer. And while it’s been pointed out to us that … Read More


Jul 13, 12 // Uncategorized

Nothing says Stampede like deep fried everything, booze and window painting. And while we would never drink or eat deep-fried foods during office hours, we’ll definitely sit back in our chairs and watch some talented people paint our … Read More


Jun 01, 12 // Uncategorized

And, like any good 7-year-old, we’re celebrating with martinis. Oh, don’t worry, there’s going to be cake too. We might even play a little office laser tag. Didn’t get the invite? Maybe your mom lost it.

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WAx and TEDx

Mar 22, 12 // Uncategorized

What do WAX and TEDx have in common? Well aside from the fact that each rocks the letter ‘x’, we are both in the business of ideas. For 2012, TEDxYYC asked if we could help them spread the word … Read More

It’s just a sausage and a bun.

Feb 14, 12 // Uncategorized

With 700 ”˜likes’ and over 350 shares, our Valentine’s Day ad for WURST went Facebook viral. Not quite avian-bird-flu viral, but perhaps office-mono-outbreak viral. It was also picked up by,,,,,, and to … Read More

We’re here to help you through the holidays

Dec 22, 11 // Uncategorized

Nothing says ”˜holidays’ quite like booze-filled beverages. So in honour of the season, WAX created WAX DRINKS, our ultimate guide to the perfect cocktails. We sent it out to all of our wonderful clients yesterday and so far it’s … Read More