Well its happened again. We’re busted. Not for tawdry things, like stealing your kid’s milk money or perpetrating a Nigerian email scam. But for awesome things, like mind-boggling design savvy and overall creative badassery. WAX was featured as a … Read More


Jun 07, 12 // Publications

How do you advertise a magazine that features some of the best long-form journalism around? With long-copy ads of course. Our recent campaign for The Walrus is generating a lot of buzz across Calgary, and … Read More

Take that Helvetica

Jan 16, 12 // Publications

We’re included in this year’s Communication Arts Typography Annual for our work for WURST – a German influenced restaurant and beer hall. We’d like to recognize fonts Futura and Fette Fractur for their contribution to this achievement; we … Read More

Film festival? Hell yes

Nov 02, 11 // Publications

Our recent campaign for the Calgary International Film Festival has been showcased not once, not twice, but thrice (look it up–it’s a word). Marketing Magazine Daily, Stimulant Online, and The Alberta Egotist have all featured our work, and … Read More

Hello again Communication Arts

Oct 13, 11 // Publications

While WAX isn’t unfamiliar with being featured in Communication Arts, it always makes us proud. The report we created for energy4everyone (E4E) is currently on display in the ”˜Exhibit”˜ section of the CA website. E4E believes that when you … Read More

Does Joe Hospodarc hate cowboys?

Oct 01, 11 // PeoplePublications

You’ll have to read this month’s Avenue Magazine to find out. Joe’s quoted in the October issue cover story surrounding Calgary Economic Development’s controversial new rebrand from “Heart of the New West” to “Be Part of the Energy”. The … Read More

ADCC, ya betta recognize

Sep 07, 11 // Publications

The Advertising & Design Club of Canada has selected both our 2010 CSPD Annual, and our 2012 Honens International Piano Competition’s Program Design for their 2011 award show. We’re not usually ones to give people from Toronto too much … Read More

In case you didn’t save yesterday’s Herald

Aug 12, 11 // PeoplePublications

The Calgary Herald dropped in recently to profile our agency. Coincidentally, Dan, Monique and Joe all came to work in their finest duds that very same day. We’d like to thank David Parker and the Herald for stopping by, … Read More

What, no cover?

Aug 11, 11 // PeoplePublications

Check out the August issue of Avenue for a five page style feature on our very own “Dapper” Dan Wright. We conducted our own interview with Dan to get reaction on his newfound fame.

WAX: Do you feel like … Read More