Shock Value

Oct 31, 13 // Publications

In the words of the iconic Vincent Price, maestro of the macabre, “it’s as much fun to scare as it is to be scared”. Working in advertising we’re routinely subjected to the most bloodcurdling scenarios – usually in the form … Read More

You’ll never look at napkins the same way again

Oct 08, 13 // Publications

Being approached by Wayward Arts Magazine to design an issue was a big honour. But that honour also came with a ton of pressure – much like an organ-playing elephant sitting on your chest while he practices for a three-hour … Read More

We got the ill communication

Sep 10, 13 // Publications

In the words of the late great Adam Yauch, “we got the ill communication” – Communication Arts that is. MCA’s triumphant declaration about the lyrical prowess of his trailblazing Brooklyn crew seems particularly fitting given our recent victory in the … Read More

Can a Walrus talk? Quite intelligently as it turns out.

Recently, the Walrus (along with High Performance Rodeo and Enbridge) decided to put on a talk featuring eight inspiring speakers sharing their views on how people perform, compete and grow. We were there to listen. And now, with this … Read More

While the Walrus might not suit everyone, these t-shirts do

May 06, 13 // Publications

As part of our “Read Something Else” campaign for The Walrus we produced t-shirts letting the world know that reading The Walrus probably isn’t something they’d be interested in doing. Unless that is, you’re … Read More

Small Business Wins Big

Get ready to high your fives followers of WAX because we’ve got some big – make that colossal – news to drop. We’ve just received word that our bookkeeping for small business card has earned a spot in one … Read More

WAX knows how to get noticed

What do recognition from Germans, a trip to London and the Calgary Farmers’ Market have in common? Check out our feature in Business in Calgary to find out.

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Luerzer’s Archive and Applied Arts think Calgary Farmers’ Market is a slice of heaven

Dec 21, 12 // Publications

We’re always happy when people like our work. We’re even happier when it’s people like Luerzer’s Archive and Applied Arts. Both publications are featuring our new work for Calgary Farmers’ Market. Check it out here. And here. And while you’re … Read More

Enbridge’s D’Arcy Levesque ranks 13th on Maclean’s Power List

Nov 27, 12 // PeoplePublications

Being named 13th seems particularly fitting as there is nothing lucky about how D’Arcy Levesque got on the Power List. As Vice-President of Public and Government Affairs, he has worked tirelessly, getting the word out on how Enbridge is helping … Read More