Good design turns heads. Great design slices them

Sep 14, 07 // People

WAX would like to congratulate our very own Monique Gamache, for her recent win during‘s Lightboxing match. Her simple design for a fictitious ninja school took top honours. “The idea that losing is deadly hits home for … Read More

WAX welcomes back Pritha Kalar, Senior Account Manager/Junior Mom

Sep 14, 07 // People

Pritha has been a part of the WAX team since January 2005. Give or take a few maternity leave months. Her beautiful new baby girl, Meera, has given mom permission to come back to work – but only on a … Read More

WAX appoints Sebastien Wilcox as Associate Creative Director

Aug 09, 07 // People

My name is Sebastien Wilcox. Sebastien is spelled with an “en” because I was born in Quebec. I’m not related to David Wilcox, the singer/songwriter, nor am I related to the guy who played opposite Ponch in “Chips”. I’m … Read More

WAX Update in Marketing Magazine

Apr 30, 07 // People

WAX Adds to Art Department

Calgary’s WAX is beefing up its art and design side with four new hires. The agency has brought in Clare McGoldrick, formerly of Grip in Toronto, as senior art director and designer, art director Jonathan … Read More

Business in Calgary Article

Apr 04, 07 // PeoplePublications

“The vibrancy of our communications industry is reflected in the number of entries in this year’s Anvil Awards – up 10 per cent over 2006 according to Ad Rodeo president Joe Hospodarc of WAX. The Friday the 13th of … Read More

Monique Gamache in Avenue

Oct 05, 06 // PeoplePublications

Avenue MG

Let’s face it – our design director/partner Monique Gamache is a person to know in the design world. Here she is featured in Avenue magazine again as one of three judges in a design competition. We will … Read More