We so Schmancy

Feb 11, 15 // Events

This weekend our friends at Glenbow threw down their fourth annual fundraising event, Schmancy. The event took place in two parts—presentations by three exceptionally talented Canadians and an after-party on all four floors of the museum. This year when we … Read More


Nov 21, 14 // Events

Every year, the team at WAX looks to give back to our community. This year, we did it in a souper way. Last night, our team enjoyed the company of four stockpots, about 100 lbs. of various vegetables, two talented … Read More

Thanks Applied Arts Magazine. We like you too.

Nov 14, 14 // Events

We’ve always been pretty big fans of Applied Arts magazine. And now it seems like the feeling is mutual. This month, there’s a feature article letting the world know what we’ve been up to here at WAX. From our Black … Read More

We’re drunk. With praise.

Oct 15, 14 // Events

To our friends at WURST, Oktoberfest means more than memories of too much schnitzel and ill-fitting lederhosen. It also means beer. Lots and lots of beer. So when they asked us to create a campaign inviting the locals to partake … Read More

Have you met SMITH?

Sep 23, 14 // Events

Our reach moves east as we continue our run of creating beautiful Canadian restaurant personas. Meet SMITH-our newest venture in gastronomical identity, which opened recently with much anticipation in Winnipeg at the Inn at the Forks. A part of the Sparrow … Read More

It’s ok—you can judge this book by its cover

Aug 21, 14 // EventsPeople

When first-time author Clive Veroni, Toronto marketing specialist and founder of Leap Consulting, approached us to design the cover of his new book SPIN, how could we decline the offer? Our design team distilled Veroni’s ask for mid-century influence and succinct but … Read More

Are you InfecTED?

Jun 16, 14 // Events

On Friday June 13 TEDx celebrated its five-year anniversary with Calgary and its five-year relationship with WAX. The theme this year: Contagious Inspiration. The WAX team had our hands full, literally, of non-pathogenic germs in order to create this year’s … Read More

Once you go Black…

May 30, 14 // Events

On May 23’rd, WAX partnership was awarded a prestigious Black Pencil at the D&AD awards for its work for CSPD (Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities). After managing to make its way past several juries comprised of the world’s best designers, the … Read More