Awards + Recognition

Dan Sebastian Bach

Dan must have a firm derriere. After sitting on Honens’ board for eight years, from 2004-2013, you’d expect nothing short of sculpted marble cheeks. Actually, it was two years more than the standard six year term, so maybe they’re … Read More

Small Business Wins Big

Get ready to high your fives followers of WAX because we’ve got some big – make that colossal – news to drop. We’ve just received word that our bookkeeping for small business card has earned a spot in one … Read More

A handful of Anvils. And three handfuls of Merits.

Apr 15, 13 // Awards + Recognition

The 2013 Anvil Awards have come and gone. Thankfully we were able to count the number of Anvils we won on one hand – since we were much too busy holding a drink with the other. Our haul included … Read More

Radio waves of gold

Mar 25, 13 // Awards + Recognition

That’s right, WAX landed two golds and a craft award for Parkland Industries at the Crystal Awards. Take a listen.

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Everyone Loves an Alberta Beef Snow Angel

Mar 18, 13 // Awards + Recognition

Before they sacrificed themselves to our tables, they made snow angels. And that must be why Luerzer’s put us in print, to honour the animals. WAX would also like to thank the animals.

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WAX is Blushing Gold

Mar 06, 13 // Awards + Recognition

Well, I’ll be. Between Graphis 100 Best in Design 2013 and Graphis 100 Best in Advertising 2013, WAX won five Golds. Our winners for design are the WURST menu and the Small Business Card. In advertising the winners are the … Read More

WAX is on exhibit

Mar 05, 13 // Awards + Recognition

Our Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities, 2012 Annual Report has been featured in the Communication Arts online edition.

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Better than two gold teeth

Feb 22, 13 // Awards + Recognition

Turns out you don’t have to be drunk to see double. WAX won Gold twice in the Graphic Design category at The Advertising & Design Club of Canada’s 63rd annual awards show. One for an annual report, our “CSPD 2011 … Read More

WAX hits TDC with Cupid’s Arrow

Feb 07, 13 // Awards + Recognition

WAX gets a solid win at the Type Directors Club. We just adore when the TDC Communication Design Judges fall in love with our work two years in a row. Our 2013 win is for some beautifully hand-stitched TEDxYYC client … Read More